The Gospel of John // 6:1-25

Remarkably, there is only one miracle besides the resurrection that’s recorded in all four gospels; the feeding of the 5,000. In this familiar story, the gospel writers teach us multiple lessons from the posture and power of Jesus.

The Gospel of John // 5:25-47

After Jesus heals the man at Bethesda, he is essentially sentenced to death by the religious rulers. The text says that they sought at that point to kill him. Though they were putting him on trial for this life, Jesus says their verdict puts themselves on trial. And in that case, eternal life is at […]

Palm Sunday

As Jesus enters Jerusalem and specifically, the cross- he rides in to the city on the back of a young donkey. And though this choice may seem like the most convenient or possibly the only option- Jesus chooses it to make a statement about his kingdom and his position in it.

The Gospel of John // 5:1-24

In the 5th chapter of John’s Gospel, we’re given another story of Jesus’ power and authority through another healing. But, Jesus is constantly doing more than just signs and wonders. He’s doing miracles and making at point. Jesus heals the lame man on the Sabbath and continues to declare his authority over all things.

The Gospel of John // 4:31-54

In John 4, we are told a story of a desperate father who isn’t quite sure about Jesus. However, his desperation leads him (and eventually his entire family) to a place of faith in Jesus.

The Gospel of John // 4:1-42

In John 4, we meet a nameless woman. Though her name is ambiguous, her story is infamous; She’s the woman at the well. And, even though her story is full of tragedy, disappointment, and rejection- Jesus meets her and her shame and offers her a way out of the cyclone of despair- to take a […]

The Gospel of John // 3:1-21

In John 3, we’re given an insider’s view to a very important conversation between Jesus and a religious ruler, Nicodemus. In the conversation, we learn about what God thinks about empty religion and what his requirement is for heaven. In this brief encounter, we possibly see the start to one of the most important stories […]

The Gospel of John // 2:13-25

John gives a stark contrast between two stories. In one instance, Jesus is at a wedding feast and in the next moment, he’s overturning the tables in the temple. Though these stories have two very different settings, Jesus is continually teaching us about who he is and what authority he has.

The Gospel of John // 2:1-12

The Gospel of John gives us an intimate view of Jesus at the start of his public ministry. As soon as he turns the water into wine- he is publicly declaring his power and authority. Soon, large crowds will follow him for his signs- but that is not why he came. He came so that […]

The Gospel of John // 1:19-34

The Gospel of John tells the story of another man named John who relentlessly pointed to Jesus. Though John the Baptist could have maintained his own following- he pushed them to someone greater.