About Exchange

Enjoy, Equip, Extend

A people who love Jesus.

Exchange Church, at its heart, is a collection of imperfect people, gathering together to enjoy the glory of God, to equip the people of God, and to extend the love of God.

If you’ve spent any time in church (or even from the outside looking in), you can probably agree that no church is perfect. No people are perfect, and no approach is perfect.

With that said, we (Exchange Church) endeavor to be a body of believers, following the revelation of God’s instructions (the Bible) and interaction with His creation, in order to glorify and honor God together and create a welcoming place where others might join us. In that process we become more like Jesus together.

We laugh together, we grieve together, we trust together, we remember together. We sing together, and we are quiet together. Together, we trust in our king Jesus to carry, form, and guide us through this life of joys, and challenges.