Giving at Exchange

Giving on Sundays

As a regular act of worship, we have a designated time of giving every Sunday Morning in our worship service. After the welcome and connection portion of the service, we worship through giving. We highly recommend giving by way of check during the service as it promotes physical engagement in worship. There is also something about writing a number on a piece of paper that engages our minds and hearts in one space. If you are unable to join us on a Sunday or would like to mail a check to the church, our mailing address is:
We also understand that there can be benefit to giving online as well.


If you choose to give online, setting up an Electronic Bank Transfer is the most effective way to maximize your giving. As you will see below, an Electronic Bank Transfer is the cheapest method to process gifts for Exchange and maximizes the reach of your gift. While this difference may seem small on an individual gift, these fees quickly add up when multiplied by greater amounts and multiple donations per month.

Electronic Bank Transfer


Per Transaction

Example of $100 Gift
Flat fee of 25¢ = 25¢ fee
Exchange receives: $99.75

Credit or
Debit Card

2.15% + 30¢

Per Transaction

Example of $100 Gift
2.15% + 30¢ = $2.45 fee
Exchange receives: $97.55