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We are a group of people, both needy and needed, following in the way of Jesus.

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Loving & Serving the Rolesville-Wake Forest Area

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We understand that visiting a new church can be intimidating. We hope that your experience with Exchange is anything but that.

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Exchange offers a number of groups to help you get and stay connected and to help you grow and develop as a follower of Jesus.

Exchange Kids

Exchange Kids

Partnering with Parents to Point Kids to Jesus
Parenting was designed to happen within community because it is beyond our capacity. We need each other to help us intentionally point the arrow toward the target that matters most.
Sermon series welcome to church
Current Series:
"Welcome to Church"
This series is going to answer important questions like: what are God’s commitments to the church? What should I expect from my leaders at church? How should the church be in community together? And what are the expectations of every person in the church?