Welcome to Exchange

Exchanging lesser things for greater things.

During this abnormal season Exchange Church will not be meeting at our normal space of Rolesville Elementary School.  Instead, we will be temporarily meeting at North Raleigh Christian Academy. We will continue live streaming our Sunday Services for those who would like to join online.

Temporarily meeting at
North Raleigh Christian Academy

Exchange is temporarily gathering at North Raleigh Christian Academy. We would love for you to join us if you feel safe to do so. For more information, click the link below!

About Us

Exchange Church is a community of Christ followers who gather and serve in Rolesville, NC. We believe that the Christian life is best lived together, especially when we understand we are both needed and needy. We’re not perfect, and don’t expect you to be either. Our mission is simple:

Exchange Church exist to be a people who: enjoy the glory of God, equip the people of God, and extend the love of God.