The Gospel of John // John 10:1-10

In this powerful message, we explore the profound symbolism of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, drawing from John 10:1-10. Through this vivid imagery, we uncover the depths of Jesus’ love and care for us, his sheep. We are reminded that the Good Shepherd knows each of us intimately, calling us by name and leading us […]

The Gospel of John // 9

This message explores the profound story of Jesus healing a man born blind in John 9. Through this miraculous encounter, we witness how Jesus brings both physical and spiritual sight, challenging the religious legalism and fear that often cloud our perception of God’s work in our lives. The blind man’s simple yet powerful testimony – […]

The Gospel of John // 8:31-59

As Jesus does more signs and wonders, more people begin to profess their belief in him. But Jesus warns them that true disciples have lasting faith that stands the test of time.

The Gospel of John // 6:59-71

Even after Jesus feeds the multitude and displays his power by healing many, the crowds are skeptical of his words and message. In the end, many walk away. In chapter six, John is asking the reader another time for their verdict about Jesus. What we believe will determine how we will follow.

The Gospel of John // 6:25-58

After Jesus feeds the multitude, he uses the story as a backdrop for an important lesson. While bread and earthly things may satisfy you for now, you’ll be hungry again. Only he can give you what your soul needs- the bread of life.

The Gospel of John // 6:1-25

Remarkably, there is only one miracle besides the resurrection that’s recorded in all four gospels; the feeding of the 5,000. In this familiar story, the gospel writers teach us multiple lessons from the posture and power of Jesus.

The Gospel of John // 5:25-47

After Jesus heals the man at Bethesda, he is essentially sentenced to death by the religious rulers. The text says that they sought at that point to kill him. Though they were putting him on trial for this life, Jesus says their verdict puts themselves on trial. And in that case, eternal life is at […]