Discipleship Hour

Strengthening, Encouraging, Equipping, and Growing

Current discipleship classes:

Intentional Equipping

One of our desires at Exchange is to present every person mature and to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We offer 6-8 week classes on Sunday mornings for intentional equipping. These classes strategically cover four main areas of spiritual formation.

There are also various electives offered including Parenting Foundations, Marriage, How to Thrive in Seminary, Culture Training, and Rule of Life

These are hour long classes that are designed to equip believers at any stage of their faith walk. Childcare is offered during this hour.

Foundations of the Faith These classes include Storyline (tracing the story of the Bible from cover to cover), Marks of a Believer, Basic Christian Theology, Community and the Church
Being with Jesus These classes include Spiritual Rhythms with Jesus, How to Read and Study the Word, Prayer, Habit Formation, Emotional Health.
Becoming Like Jesus These classes include Jesus’ Teachings, Character of Christ, Neighbor Love and Hospitality, Simplicity/Stewardship/Generosity, Spiritual Warfare, Hating and Fighting Sin, Walking through Pain and Suffering
Living for Jesus These classes include Missional Living, Basic Counseling, Doing Justice/Culture/Missions, Vocation
Siteseeing the City of Man Navigating Secular Storylines in Light of the Gospel