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Oneness & Legacy

We believe that God’s mission for marriage is that husband and wife are always becoming one. Oneness is God’s mission toward His vision of Imago Dei in the marriage union – that our marriages would tell the truth about God to those around us.  In other words, does our marriage demonstrate love, sacrifice, selflessness, kindness, grace, forgiveness, encouragement, commitment, trust and patience as God demonstrates to us.  It is our goal in all that we do in marriage ministry, to intentionally guide, coach, mentor, create spaces and experiences that encourage and even nudge couples toward oneness and God’s vision for their marriage.

Connecting Points

Couples Getaways

The getaways provide an environment and space for couples to focus on one another and their marriage relationship.  We combine Biblical teaching with practical skills training, tools, and the time and space to apply these through guided conversation prompts. In addition to the individual couple time, attendees will experience, and benefit from the community of other couples as they share their experience together.

Marriage Mentoring

Couples at Exchange that desire to grow in their marriage, push through the hard things, get back up after a stumble or want to prepare for a new season in the windshield of their journey, could benefit from a more experienced couple to come alongside them for coaching, prayer, support and encouragement.  

Discipleship Classes

6 week studies during our Discipleship Hour on Sunday Mornings (before Worship) focused on the marriage relationship with Biblical teaching, skills training, application and more.

Rick & Beth McKoy

Marriage Ministry Leads

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