EC Students

Partnering with Parents to Point Students to Jesus

For both students and parents, navigating the middle school and high school years is challenging. EC Students exists to come alongside families during these formative years providing community, committed adult leaders and consistent proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ. EC Students desires that each graduating high school senior comes to personally enjoy Christ, His Word and His church; is equipped for the lifelong race ahead; and missionally extends the love of Christ wherever God leads them.

// Youth Gathering //

Our middle and high school small groups meet weekly on Sunday evenings at 4:30pm. We meet at our church office space at 207 N Main St in Rolesville. These groups are age and gender specific. During this time we play a game or two, study scripture and talk about what’s going on in our lives. 

// Leadership //

Because not much is consistent in the lives of middle or high schoolers, students need consistent adults in their life. At EC Students, we believe in leaders who are committed to do the little things week-in, week-out over the long haul. Consistency builds trust. Our leaders desire to walk with your students through their middle and high school days, week after week, year after year.

EC Students adheres to “5:1” – the belief that each individual student needs at least five adults in their life who consistently point them to Jesus. When a student has five consistent adults, he or she is exponentially more likely to pursue his or her faith into adulthood. Our leaders make the commitment to be one of your student’s “five”.  

// Events //

Throughout the year, we schedule various events field days, Sunday lunches, weekend retreats – designed to create environments where students can simply have fun together and deepen relationships with their small group leaders.