Temporarily Meeting Sundays at North Raleigh Christian Academy

Every Sunday we will be live streaming our service @ 10:00 Eastern.

Exchange Church Update:

Currently, Exchange Church is meeting at North Raleigh Christian Academy.  This is a temporary measure while our regular meeting space (Rolesville Elementary School) remains closed.  Sunday services are shortened and social distancing as well as masks are practiced to adhere to local requirements. We will continue to stream Sunday Services live as well!

Sunday Mornings @ 10:00AM

Over the last few months we have compiled a few resources for you to utilize while at home:

> Marriage Resources (VIDEOS!)
> Exchange Kids

Prayer and Other Requests

If you would like prayer or have another request, please fill out the form below and it will be immediately sent to the Elders of Exchange.

Important Sunday Morning Notes:

Social Distancing:

For the care of others, we are asking that you practice the recommended social distance of 6 feet apart. This distance will be used in seating as well.
  • Once you are in the building, please move quickly to the seats that you are directed to by our ushers. We are asking that everyone refrain from making special requests, if possible (unless there are handicaps or special needs) to ensure that we are able to seat everyone in order. This will help ensure that everyone gets a seat and we are able to maximize the entire auditorium.
  • Gather outdoors instead of indoors. Use the parking lot to socialize, but refrain from gathering in the lobby.


  • As stated before, there will be no children’s ministry through the summer at our corporate gatherings. Children are welcome in the service as always.
  • Children MUST remain with their parents at all times. We know this goes against the normal Exchange culture, but it’s necessary for the sake of others.
  • Changing tables will be available for those who need it in a private location, but no additional rooms apart from the main auditorium are available at this point.

Cleaning and Protection:

  • NRCA will disinfect our gathering space and available restrooms before and after our meeting times.
  • Hand sanitization is a critical piece of any virus prevention. Please use hand sanitizer before entering the building and use hand washing stations regularly, as always.
  • Use extreme caution in gathering for worship or any other venue if you or someone you are in regular contact with is in the high-risk category. As we have mentioned before, if you need assistance collecting essential items, or worshiping through the Lord’s Supper at home, we would be glad to be a part.

Our mission is and will continue to be: to exist to be a people who Enjoy the Glory of God, Equip the People of God, and Extend the Love of God. These times remain challenging, and while our fears may be great, our hope is greater. We miss all of you and look forward to the time we can all gather together without restraint.