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Exchange Church Men's Ministry

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Outdoor Adventure Group

Host: Jeremy Reynolds

The Outdoor Adventure Group will be meeting monthly to explore and enjoy outdoor experiences in and around the Triangle on the weekends.  Most gatherings will be several hours and require mild physical activity like hiking.

First Adventure: 04/15/2020

Gaming Night

Host: Jeff Jones

The Gaming Night Group will be a group of guys getting together to enjoy some fellowship, and some new (non-video) games! This group will be held monthly at the Jones’ house and last several hours. Beginners and experienced gamers welcome!

First Game Night: 03/14/2020

Woodworking Group

Host: Ben Schell

The wood working group will be unique in that it will be a limited group size do to the nature of the group.  We invite men of all experience levels to come together to learn some basics of woodworking, work on a project for the church, all while growing in relationship with one another.

First get together: 03/28/2020

Run Group

Host: Ed Martin

This group will meet on specified Saturdays. Our #1 goal is to get outside together and enjoy running together. We could have different groups go different mileage. The pace will be determined by the group. No one is training for the Olympics. We will do a mixture of trail and greenway running. We will not fight traffic as our runs will usually be on the Greenway. Our starting point will always be Horseshoe Farm. We will stretch at 8:00am and will be running by 8:10am. 

First Run: 03/14/2020

Inside the Beltline Lunch

Host: Todd Kavanaugh

Many of us spend our entire day inside the Beltline.  Not only this, it’s likely we all eat lunch every day! So let’s get together, break some bread, laugh and encourage one another.  This lunch will start monthly, and likely move bi-monthly.  For starters we will do lunch on Thursdays (12:00pm – 12:45pm) unless a better day is determined.   Location TBD; be sure to click the “I’m Interested” button to be kept in the loop! 

First get together: 03/19/2020

Men's Accountability

Host: Kasey Channita

Every person needs someone to stand and walk with them through the challenges and difficulties of life. This weekly group provides the space and consistency to begin making those friendships that encourage one another towards holiness and spiritual growth. For further information about this group see https://summitchurch.com/counseling/g4-groups/ or check Men’s Accountability Group box at the form above.

First get together:TBD