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The battle for personal purity is one that every man faces. Exchange Church has created a space for men to seek out diligent accountability and Biblically based spiritual development to find hope and victory from this sin pattern.

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God designed us for community and we need one another to truly thrive. This is especially true of men, though many of us do not realize just how important close friendships with other men really are. You need someone who will watch your back and ask you the difficult questions. 

The battle for personal purity is one that every man faces, and the odds are stacked against us. Sexually explicit material is more readily available than ever and the age of first exposure gets younger every day. Despite all of this, we have somehow been deceived into thinking that we are alone in our failures.

Exchange Church wants to help you break down the strongholds of sin and walk with you out of the pit. If you are seeking diligent accountability and truly want to overcome a sin that you have started to think was unbeatable, join a Lookout Group and find hope, victory, and a community of people who are just like you.

What can I expect?

Lookout Groups provide men with the honest, consistent, and intentional accountability they need to overcome sexual sin. By establishing a rhythm of meeting together that includes weekly check-ins, encouragement throughout the week, and practical steps for success, 

Lookout Groups will promote vulnerability, victory over sin, and a renewed zeal for following Jesus in righteousness and in truth.


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1. Confidentiality is Required: To preserve the anonymity of the people in the group, men in attendance will not talk about the individuals in the group with their spouse/others. Men are also required to meet in a place where they will not be disturbed (with headphones so long as we’re on Zoom.)

2. Commitment is Expected: After attending three times, the attendee will need to decide if they can commit to four months of accountability. We need each other to overcome this sin.

3. Consistency is Essential: After committing to the group, men are expected to not miss weekly check-ins. If check-ins are missed frequently, there may need to be another discussion concerning the priority of the group for that individual.

4. Contribution is Crucial: Every person in the group will answer every question honestly and completely. As a group, we refrain from offering advice unless a situation warrants action.