Todd Kavanaugh


Born and raised in New England with some growing up in South Florida, I met my beautiful wife Carolina in high school. Originally planning to head to the mission field I attended Toccoa Falls college, but transferred to Palm Beach Atlantic University and graduated there. I worked for Morgan Stanley for a few years until relocating to North Carolina. For the last 16 years I’ve had the privilege of working at Baker Roofing Company, and presently serve as the organization’s Director of Marketing. In 2013, we left North Wake Church with our 3 children (Sebastian, Tessa, and Jasper) to be part of the Core Team of Exchange and have loved every moment. I love any reason to be outside, whether grilling over an open flame, or backpacking.

/Hope for EC

We would be a people that come to an authentic knowledge and experience of the Gospel. That it would permeate down to the mundane areas of our lives and create a people that live in hope and provide a proper reflection of our King to our world.