Rick & Beth McKoy


Rick and Beth both grew up in Wilmington, NC, but did not meet until the summer of 1976. Their relationship began to flourish as they began ministry training to be Young Life leaders. Shared ministry has been a major part of their marriage journey as they have poured themselves into marriage ministry for over 25 years. They have mentored, counseled, trained, taught and coached couples in both the church and community. Beth’s vocational calling has been a registered nurse, while Rick spent 37 years in sales and human resource management for a major consumer products company. Recently, Rick pursued a Master of Arts degree in professional counseling from Liberty University and is now a licensed professional counselor with a focus on counseling couples. They have 2 married children, Jana and Parker, that have blessed them with 6 grandchildren. When they are not counseling and training couples, Beth and Rick love getting outdoors camping, hiking, biking, boating, exploring God’s creation and, especially, spending time with their grandchildren.

/Hope for EC

Our hope for Exchange is that our couples would pursue the God-sized vision for marriage found in Malachi 2:13-16. God’s purpose revealed in this passage guards and protects the covenant of marriage and pursues oneness of husband and wife with God in flesh and spirit. It is in this union that God’s desire and plan to produce more Christ followers is fulfilled. We pray that in increasing numbers, our marriages at Exchange will tell the truth about God.