Partnering with Parents to Point Kids to Jesus

We have designed our entire Kids Ministry around the picture found in Psalm 127, where children are like purposeful arrows. God has given us our children as gifts to steward and direct somewhere. We will all point our kids toward something, whether we mean to or not. Parenting was designed to happen within community because it is beyond our capacity. We need each other to help us intentionally point the arrow toward the target that matters most. Our primary aim in Exchange Kids is to partner with parents to point kids to Jesus. We do our best to provide safe and fun environments on Sundays that allow the entire family to pursue Jesus. We believe that this ministry is not isolated to an hour on Sundays but is carried throughout the week. We partner with parents through resourcing, coaching, and encouraging family life that finds its rhythm in Christ. We have age appropriate classes for all kids led by rotating teams of trained leaders.

// Check-In //

Check in begins at 9:40. You and your child will be greeted by Exchange Kids volunteers and asked to check your children in prior to walking them to their classroom. We use a unique, state-of-the-art check-in system. You will receive two labels – one for each child to wear and one for you to keep during the service. At the end of the service, to ensure security of each child, we will collect your label and make sure it matches the child’s before sending them home with you.

// Classes & Teams //

We are currently offering seven kids classes, from birth through 5th grade.

Nursery 1: 0-23 months
Nursery 2: Two Year olds
Preschool 1: Three Year olds
Preschool 2: Four Year olds-PreK
Elementary 1: Kindergarten
Elementary 2: 1st-2nd Grade
Elementary 3: 3rd-5th Grade

// Curriculum //

Our curriculum on Sundays (during our normal season) is our edited and personalized version of the Orange Curriculum, which points kids to living the way of Jesus . It is interactive, led from the Bible, and definitely not boring. Our teachers are asked to teach multiple weeks in a row to ensure that they get to know the kids and own the curriculum for their rotation.