True community only happens when we know others and are fully known.

At Exchange, we believe that growth happens best in the context of relationships. To help foster this, we have developed what are called Family Groups and Life Groups. Family Groups meet twice a month and Life groups meet twice a month. Life Groups (which average 4-5 people) are created out of a larger Family Group (which averages 16 people).

Live and Thrive as a family of families.

Family Groups meet every other week with the intentional purpose of Community and Mission. Community night is a laid back environment where we eat a meal together, catch up, and hear from someone in the group prepared to share about his/her walk with Jesus. Mission night is an intentional time to plan how we will engage in what God has called us to right here in Rolesville. Many of the Mission nights will be spent doing instead of talking about doing.

Experience what it is like to walk in intentional relationships

Life Groups meet every other week in much smaller, more intentional groups.Life Groups exist for the purpose of time in the Word and accountability. Our goal is to keep small enough groups which will enable us to intentionally walk side by side with each other. This is an environment where you can best help others and they can best help you. 

Get Connected With A Group