At Exchange, we believe that groups are an excellent environment to know others and be known. We also recognize and believe that we are all Needy & Needed. Each of us needs other people and other people need us. Group life offers a life-on-life rhythm based on the 50-plus “One-Another” commands of the New Testament. We want to exchange being aimless and alone for being with people and for a purpose.

// Weekly Small Groups

Small Groups typically run from August to May. To help foster this rhythm, we have developed a monthly rhythm of Small Groups that emphasizes particular values to accomplish over the course of a month: community, accountability, discipleship, and mission. Once a month, groups gather for a meal night, once to focus on mission in our circles, and twice to focus on discipleship and accountability. Each group has individualized plans for the kids. Some groups have sitters, some have older kids who watch the younger ones, and some rotate adults watching the kids. Kids are included in Meal Night and Mission Night activities. We try to keep groups limited to 12 adults for effectiveness sake, but even if the group you are interested in says it is “closed”, please reach out to Ed Martin and he may have other options or know of openings.

// Short Term & Summer Groups

Throughout the year, we offer short term groups that meet a wide variety of interests. These could range from Bible Studies to Round Table discussions on family life, culture, theology, and wisdom and equipping in the Christian life. These typically take place on Sunday Mornings before church.  

Our hope in summer groups is threefold. First, we want to model an annual rhythm of rest and realistic calendaring. We understand that summer is scattered with travel and change, so we lower the expectation and encourage intentionality in a season of rest. Second, we want to provide environments where you can meet and develop relationships with people outside of your ongoing small group. Lastly, we want to offer a wide variety of equipping options that small groups may not be able to cover. Registration for Summer Groups will begin in early Spring.