Giving at Exchange

Thank you for being a part of Exchange Church's mission through your financial support. Below, you will find options for your method of giving. 

Giving Online.

If you choose to give online, setting up an Electronic Bank Transfer is the most effective way to maximize your giving. As you will see below, an Electronic Bank Transfer is the cheapest method to process gifts for Exchange and maximizes the reach of your gift.

While this difference my seem small on an individual gift, these fees quickly add up when multiplied by greater amounts and multiple donations per month.


Feel free to email us with any questions at

Bank Transfer


Per Transaction

  • Recommended 


Per Transaction 

Bank Transfer (with a gift of $100)

  • Electonic Bank Transfer costs us
  • 25 cents in processing fees
    (Exchange receives: $99.75)

Card (with a gift of $100)

  • Credit or Debit Card gifts cost us
  • 2.3% of your total gift, plus a 30 cent fee
    (Exchange receives: $97.40)

Text to give

Text the amount you would like to give to 84321. You will be prompted through a simple, one-time process that will allow you to give during the worship time at church, or any time you like. Mistakes can easily be fixed by texting "refund" to the same number within 30 minutes of your gift.