Brian Kohout - October 21, 2018

What You Do With Jesus Changes Everything


As Jesus begins his public ministry, crowds are drawn to his miracles and the "publicity" surrounding him. But when he begins to speak- they are offended and hostile towards him and the message he gives. How will you respond to what Jesus says?

From Series: "Luke"

Thousands of years ago, people still had questions about the life and words of Jesus. Not long after the death of Jesus, a physician named Luke set out to investigate many of the stories surrounding his life, death, and resurrection. In his letter, Luke invites and answers many of the questions we have still today about this man who calls himself the son of the living God. No matter where you are and what you've been through, God's not scared of your past or your questions. Neither is Exchange. Bring your questions and your past and find a God and church that loves you.

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