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Pray First

Do you feel the world is broken? We absolutely do. We have a lot to pray for. Exchange, can we bind together in prayer today over these very important matters? As we studied summer, Psalm 46 would be a great text to pray through for these:

  1. Our hearts are heavy over the tragic images and news from Afghanistan. We need to pray for all of those living in fear of the Taliban’s next move. Some of these are even our Christian brothers and sisters who are in serious danger. There is no doubt that many could lose their lives for the gospel in the days ahead. This is heart wrenching and inspiring at the same time. Remember the Tertullian quote mentioned Sunday, “The more you mow us down, the more numerous we grow; the blood of Christians is seed“. Pray fervently for women and minorities as they face imminent danger. As you can imagine, the IMB (who EC supports) cannot comment on the mission presence or lack of presence because of life-threatening risks. Here is a great opportunity tonight from the IF:Gathering to hear more of what is Happening in Afghanistan: Stories from Christ Followers on the ground.
  2. The scenes from Haiti are incredibly heartbreaking as nearly 2000 people have lost their lives in this week’s earthquake. Pray for those affected and for the church to rally in Haiti.
  3. We continue to pray for national, community, local leaders, and us as we navigate the continual changes and dangers of Covid-19. Pray for those families and persons who have been and continue to be forever changed by losing loved ones to this terrible virus.
  4. Lastly, pray for each other. Pick up the phone today and call an Exchange friend and ask how you can pray for them. We need each others’ prayers during these days.

SIGN UP for Sunday Courses: Moved to SEPTEMBER 12!

We have moved the start of classes to September 12th! This will give more people more time to sign up and also avoid Labor Day Weekend. The courses will run September 12-October 31, then will start over for round two on November 7th so you can take the other class!

Read descriptions below, click on the photo, and sign up today! Please sign up your child(ren) as well as we will offer childcare for registered kids.

THE GOAL: This 8 week course is designed to train and equip you for the mission of our Christian lives. We all need this! We are called to represent and communicate Christ wherever He has placed us. This course will give very practical training on how to do just that. We will learn from Jesus and then practice the Way of Jesus. This is training in all of the right things. 

CONTENT: This course will cover the following: What is Missional Living and Identifying who is in our circles; Every Member a Minister, The Battle: Identifying the Internal and External forces that fight against you in this great work; Learning how to share your 15 Second Testimony; Learning how to share the Gospel with a simple, reproducible tool; Mapping your areas of influence and first steps to missional living; Red, Yellow, Green Lights and walking in the Spirit. 

TEACHERS: This course will be taught by Jeremy & Reagan Reynolds.

THE GOAL: This course is designed to help us learn the Way of Jesus and Practice the Way of Jesus. The goal is to come alongside him and learn from Him (Matthew 11:28-30). We will study his cadence, his pace, his posture, his pursuit. 

CONTENT: The 8 week course will cover the following: Self Assessment of Personal Rhythms and Personal Spiritual and Emotional Health; Intentional and Unintentional Formation; How People Change; Digital Addiction; Rhythms of Scripture Intake, Slowing Down, Silence & Solitude, and Sabbath. We must learn to “be before we do” because we simply “cannot give what we do not have”. Last semester, someone said, “I did not know how bad I needed the content of this course until it changed my life”. Our hope is that every person at Exchange can get trained in this course. 

TEACHER: The course will be taught by Ed Martin.

Thank you to Ruth and Tim Gower’s leadership, seven participants completed the 7-week Crown Financial class this summer. Congratulations to Chelsea West, Cody & Abby Cartledge, Jesse & Whitney Gordon, and Brian & Jenene Ferguson for completing the course! Our hope is that these have now been even better equipped to steward their blessings for His name’s sake and encourage us to do the same. If you would be interested in a class like this in the future, please let Tim Gower know and we can plan accordingly.


We will be communicating in another dedicated email soon about this Sunday’s gathering plans.

Exchange Church is gathering at Rolesville Elementary School at 307 S Main Street Rolesville, NC 27571

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Sermon Text: Acts 6

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