This week with Exchange

The Latest: Outdoor Gathering Update / Rhythms with Jesus Sign Up / Summer Friday Nights

Outdoor Gathering Update

We are sure you have noticed that the sun has really enjoyed coming out to worship on Sunday mornings. Most of us have a pretty good tan going on the left side of our faces. As Brian said on Sundays, we have been thinking through how to address this. Since we can’t move the sun, we would like to experiment THIS SUNDAY with swapping the seating and the stage areas (see above). This should address the sun and shade issue significantly. Now the band and preacher will be the toasty ones. Parking and Kids area will remain the same. Bathroom access will be easier. Thanks for remaining flexible with us!

Rhythms with Jesus Course Sign Up

Katie and I will be teaching Rhythms with Jesus, which will be very similar to what we taught with the Interns in the fall. The theme of this course is “You can’t give what you don’t have”. In other words, “your inner life WITH Jesus must be sufficient for your outer life FOR Jesus”. This 7 week course will cover topics and practices like: The aim of discipleship, Solitude & Silence, Sabbath, Slowing Down, Emotional Health, Digital Addiction, Rule of Life, walking in the Way of Jesus. There will be required reading and a higher level of commitment, which all of you are able to do. We have seen first hand how this course has grown people’s love for Christ and made them more like Him. We take no credit, but have seen the Spirit get to work as we being to take Him seriously. This course will be 7 week course on Thursday nights (we will skip Jul 1). Location is TBD but most likely at the office. CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. You can email Ed if you have any questions.

Friday Nights Under the Lights

This summer is a great chance to connect and re-connect with Exchange! Adults will be gathering on six Friday nights simply to be together. We will create a canopy of stringed lights in the parking lot of our office. We will set up tables where you can simply come and hangout and be with people. Each night will have a different theme with some snacks and games like corn hole and ping-pong. We wanted to tell you now so you can start lining up babysitters if need be. Of course you can invite friends.

Exchange Church is gathering outdoors at Rolesville Elementary School at 307 N Main Street Rolesville, NC 27571