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The Latest: Costa Rica Recap / Rhythms with Jesus Sign Up / Youth Events / Celebration of the King

Costa Rica Recap

Last week, Exchange sent out a team of five adults and six students to work in the Pavas community of Costa Rica. During that time, our team was able to build a house for a family from start to finish. Additionally, our team was able to minister to members of the community throughout the week in various ways. Be on the lookout for a video highlighting the ministry soon!

Rhythms with Jesus Course Sign Up

Katie and I will be teaching Rhythms with Jesus, which will be very similar to what we taught with the Interns in the fall. The theme of this course is “You can’t give what you don’t have”. In other words, “your inner life WITH Jesus must be sufficient for your outer life FOR Jesus”. This 7 week course will cover topics and practices like: The aim of discipleship, Solitude&Silence, Sabbath, Slowing Down, Emotional Health, Digital Addiction, Rule of Life, walking in the Way of Jesus. There will be required reading and a higher level of commitment, which all of you are able to do. We have seen first hand how this course has grown people’s love for Christ and made them more like Him. We take no credit, but have seen the Spirit get to work as we being to take Him seriously. This course will be 7 week course on Thursday nights (we will skip Jul 1). Location is TBD. CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. You can email Ed if you have any questions.

Upcoming Youth Events

Celebration of the King Update

We decided that we will no longer be participating in morning zooms for The Celebration of the King. But the daily devotional is still available for you to use on your own.