This week with Exchange

The Latest: April Outside / Celebration of the King / Pray for Costa Rica Team

What a great day outside together on Sunday! The plan is to gather outside at RES every week at least through April. If rain is in the forecast, we will let you know the plans on Saturday night.

Click Here for Outdoor Details

  • COFFEE: If you would like to volunteer to help prepare coffee on Sundays, we could use your help! Please email Ashley Johnson today!
  • PRESCHOOL PARENTS: Please have kids use the restroom before you drop them off.

Celebration of the King THIS WEEK

The Journey of the Cross and the Morning Zooms was such a gift over the last 40 days! It was amazing what God had in mind for us. I have heard from many of you that you want to keep going and want to know what is next. We heard you and went back and created an updated Celebration of the King (COTK) to celebrate our risen King! It will last APRIL 5-MAY 30

  • We have made it very interactive with its own webpage. We are only providing a digital version so I would recommend grabbing a journal (and a quality pen) to use alongside. 
  • We will continue to do Morning Zooms MONDAY-FRIDAY with these consistent links below. We will not do morning zooms on Saturdays and Sundays but there is still devotional content for those mornings.
  • Men’s will still be at 6:30am and Women’s will be at 7:00am. You will keep receiving the daily email. I hope you are able to join us. This has developed a really special community in the mornings. 
  • ***If those times don’t work for you and you would be interested in a 6am Group Option, could you please email me and let me know today?!

Costa Rica Mission Trip

Larry Sanders, Brian Heidorn, Bren Heidorn, Matt Heidorn, Lydia Penny, Doug Penny, Caleb Martindale, Eric Martindale, Brody Kohout, Brian Kohout

On Monday, Exchange sent our team off to Costa Rica for the house build mission trip. We will be ministering in the Pavas community as we work to build a house for a family who has been waiting for over a year. Not only will our team provide housing for this family, but we will also be able to ministry in this impoverished community throughout the week in multiple ways. Please commit to praying for our team comprised of adults and students as the Lord brings us to mind.