Week 6 | Reflection

If I’m honest, submitting to God’s sovereignty fluctuates between a feeling of peace because I know He is able and trustworthy, and frustration because I want to be the one in control. There often is a mental struggle to put to death pride and selfishness, to take my thoughts captive and trust in the truth that He is God and I am not. I think this can be especially challenging when dealing with God’s sovereignty over time and possessions. The idea of this is “my time” comes to mind so quickly I didn’t even see the enemy notch that arrow onto his bow. And thoughts like “I’ve worked hard to earn money. I went to school, did the homework, learned and practiced my craft, etc. I’ve put in the hard work and my paycheck is my due reward. I will now use this money however I choose, because it is mine” may seem like legitimate reasoning–but it is misguided. I have 24 hours of time to use today because God has given it to me- not because of any smart scheduling on my part. The mental ability to learn, the physical ability to actually do my job- all gifts from God. The fact that I woke up today and even took a breath is by the grace of God. He gives me life and He rightfully reigns over how I use the time and things He has given me. 

Louie Giglio reminds us “The goal of our faith isn’t to settle into a nice comfortable job and a nice easy routine. The goal is to say, ‘God, I’m available for whatever you want me to do.’” (Goliath Must Fall, 127). Does this mindset come naturally? Not for me! It is a daily (sometimes hourly) fight to reorient my mind and affections away from the usurper to the throne of my heart, myself, to the rightful King, Jesus.

Kimberly Penny