Week 3 | Reflection

When the Church was born on the morning of Pentecost, the first miracle that the Holy Spirit empowered the followers of Jesus to perform defined the mission and purpose of the Church throughout history. In the hearing of “devout men from every nation under heaven,” (Acts 2:5) the Church declared to the world the mighty deeds of God and Christ’s victory over the grave.

From the very beginning, our God longed to restore relationship with all of humanity. Through the willing sacrifice of His Son on the cross, God bridged the chasm that was our sin, extending His hand to deliver us from the death we earned in our rebellion against Him. This God, the Creator and King of all things, the champion over death, has entrusted us and empowers us with the task of advancing His Kingdom to the ends of the earth.

There is no way to tell whether the situation our world is facing has caused us to become more selfish or if it has simply revealed that which was lying under the surface already, called forth by our collective fear of uncertainty. But I invite you to consider, has this moment filled you with urgency? How has your witness for Christ been emboldened knowing that sickness, suffering, and loss of life have crept into the hearts and minds of humanity to the ends of the earth?

Our God is sovereign over all things and we can take great comfort in the truth that He remains on His throne, but what comfort do those who have not heard possess? To whom do they call if they do not know His name?

We the Church, the people of God, have been entrusted with a calling that continually directs our attention and focus outward. “Be His hand and feet, for the harvest is plentiful and the labors few; but praise God we have been given the Spirit to proclaim his Kingdom among the nations.”

Kasey Channita