Week 1 | Reflection

Imagine the difference between watching a movie for the first time and seeing it a second time. How does your vantage point change on the second viewing? You might still feel the drama or jump at a scary moment, but now you know the end of the story. Having seen the resolution, the anxiety or fear you had at first is eased. You can put these hard moments into proper perspective knowing that the story resolves for the good of the characters. So too, by knowing the end of our story, we can have proper perspective in today’s anxieties or triumphs or pain. Since God has triumphed over death bringing life—as was demonstrated in the Resurrection of Jesus—our life today is leading us through a story greater than we could ever imagine. In this story, death is not our finale but the beginning of a glorious second act.

With this hope in mind, David could say with confidence, “My body also rests securely” (Psalm 16:9). Paul trusted God to bring him “safely into his heavenly kingdom” (2 Tim. 4:18). Both were convinced that something greater was happening beyond their death that gave them confidence for life. Can we say the same? Can we trust him with our death as well as our life? For us, death is not an eternal sting but a sweet release into the arms of the One who has sovereignly led us all of our days. We can find peace and security in knowing that God is in control of both death and life.

Amy Hardy