Week 2 | Reflection

There are two categories: creation and Creator. Scripture leaves no room for ambiguity about who God is and about who we are.

“I am the Lord, and there is no other, besides me there is no other God”

– Isaiah 45:5

God is undoubtedly in authority over His creation. I think that looking at the complexity of life on this planet makes it easy to believe in a Creator, but it is misguided to think that God has set creation in motion, and then abandoned us.

In the Scriptures this week, you will read that it is also God who sustainscreation. All the processes that seem to “just happen” – the turning of the seasons, turning of the tides, turning of the planet on its axis – all occur under His authority. As the disciples discovered on a boat in the sea of Galilee, you will also see that Jesus is fully God, fully sovereign over creation.

The Lord is still reigning today! He will one day fully reveal this with a renewed heaven and earth, with no more crying or pain (Rev 21:1-7). These things should humble us before the Lord, draw us to worship, and move us to declare Him as Lord over our lives.

Kerissa Armstead