This week with Exchange

This Week: Christmas Eve // Gospel Conversations Training // One Offering

Christmas Eve with Exchange

We are excited to gather together tomorrow night in person at NRCA at 4:30 for our Christmas Eve Service. Just a few reminders about Christmas Eve:

  • We will be looking at Jesus as seen in Deuteronomy.
  • We will not be providing childcare for Christmas Eve, but we will have a “wiggle room” available for kids to get the wiggles out for a few minutes.
  • We are requiring masks throughout the entirety of the services and when indoors at all times. Masks are required for ages 10+.
  • You can learn more about the wiggle room and gathering requirements here.

Gospel Conversations Training

Exchange is partnering with North Wake Church to continue to learn how to share our faith, begin discipleship, and train others to do the same!

This one day training focuses on biblical principles and simple tools surrounding common barriers we all face in choosing to share the gospel like:

  • Why do we share?
  • Who should we share with?
  • What should we say?
  • When and where should we start?


One Offering

Exchange’s annual missions offering, One Offering, goes to support international missions, North American church planting, and local ministry partners. We know it’s a difficult time for many to think about giving sacrificially. But, let’s not put generosity on pause in uncertain times. You can give to One Offering HERE.

Exchange Church is gathering on Sunday mornings at North Raleigh Christian Academy, 7300 Perry Creek Rd. Raleigh, NC 27616.