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This Week: 1 Peter 2 // Annual Pig Pickin’ // This Week @ Exchange

Living as Servants of God

We are grateful for Brian’s courageous message on 1 Peter 2:13-25. It would be easy to skip over difficult passages like this one, but we cannot do that as we preach through the Bible here at Exchange. We are committed to teaching and surrendering to all of Scripture and ask that God would help us to do this well.

We want to remind you that there are sermon application questions every week listed under the sermon audio on our website. Here are some of the questions to consider this week as you seek to apply Sunday’s text in this pivotal cultural moment:

  1. What is most difficult for you in this text?
  2. What are the immediate exceptions that your mind creates to defend against this passage?
  3. What is the difference in being permitted to disobey and being instructed to disobey?
  4. What part of your life that is the most difficult to lay down? How can the group/church pray for you and support you in your journey to obey Christ rather than obey your own desires?

Pig Pickin’ 2020

A few weeks ago we shared some initial plans for the annual Pig Pickin’ on Sunday, October 25th. We hope you’re making plans to join us! We will gather on the fields behind Rolesville Elementary School at 5PM.


  • 5:00–5:45PM Worship (Prayer, Baptisms, Singing)
  • 6:00–6:45PM Meal Time
    • Families are asked to remain together in a distanced, safe environment.
    • We encourage families to also invite any singles into their mealtime as they feel comfortable or agree to appropriate safety measures in order to share a meal together.
  • 7:00PM Free play/ Hangout for kids and families.
    • Kids are welcome to play (on the playground equipment or in the field) and adults can hang out on the grounds and catch up with one another while remaining responsibly safe.

Exchange will provide the pig for the meal. We will pre-package boxes based on varying family sizes. Please plan to bring sides and drinks to share only with your family.

The Sunday morning service will only be online at 10:00AM.

Exchange Church is gathering at North Raleigh Christian Academy at 7300 Perry Creek Rd. Raleigh, NC. 27616.

Click here to see information about gathering safely.