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Why Join a Small Group?

Growth in the Christian life often happens through relationships. We need other people in our lives, and we are needed by others. Groups at Exchange are one way that we hope to help you follow Jesus and experience discipleship in the church. We know it’s often hard to be vulnerable, to talk about yourself, and to be known by others. But in spite our messy lives, being without community in the local church is just not the way it’s supposed to be. We were meant for more than walking the road of the Christian life alone. We believe joining a small group is a good step in becoming more a part of the Exchange family and joining the mission of God’s Church.

Click here to see the new and returning groups. You can email the group leaders to find out more information. Small groups start back the second week of August.


  • Watch the recorded Open Conversations with Ronjour and Annie Locke here.
  • Watch the recorded Open Conversations with William Branch on racism, racial reconciliation, and the Church’s response.
  • Participate in the Acts 2 Fund.
    • Click the “Give Online” button, and select the Acts 2 fund from the drop down menu.
    • If you are in need of financial assistance in this season, please reach out to Brian at
  • Students only: Join the Sunday night fun this summer!
    • Click here for the schedule and stay tuned for more information