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COVID-19 Update from the Elders

Dear Exchange Family,

As you know, our news is rapidly changing from day to day. The Governor of our state just this week announced that schools would be closed through May 15th. This closure means that our contract with Rolesville Elementary School will be paused until then. That detail may not matter if all large gatherings are continued to be suspended as well. The truth is, we just don’t know.

Here’s what we do know: The gift of the Church is too precious and needed for us to sink into complete isolation. While we can’t gather physically together, we want to encourage you as much as possible to connect with others from Exchange through every means available. Choose voice calling over text. If you have the time, choose a video chat over voice calling. Fight to stay connected. As we mentioned on Sunday, we would love to connect with you in small groups or however we can.

As far as serving goes, we’re trying to find ways to serve while allowing for a social safe distance. If you hear of any opportunities, please email the elders at Continue to use that email address to update us on ways that we can pray for you as well. We love you and long to see you face to face! 

-The Exchange Elders

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday will look a lot different for us this year. Yet the circumstances of our world today do not change the glorious hope we have in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We are working on plans to make Easter Sunday a meaningful time, even if you gather with only a few other people in your homes. We hope to provide a shareable link to invite others outside of Exchange to join our livestream. While you may not be able to invite your lost neighbors, coworkers, and friends to a building, don’t miss the opportunity to invite them to tune in to Exchange Church online. Everyone around is looking for a reason to hope in something good ahead. Share your hope in the gospel today!

Stay tuned for more details for Easter Sunday.

Talking to your Kids about Coronavirus

EC Parents:

As you know, parenthood requires you to answer so many questions that you feel ill-equipped to answer. We want to help you not just answer questions but have conversations with your kids about the coronavirus. Addressing difficult topics develop meaningful relationships and long-term trust. These conversations give us a chance to point our kids to Jesus as our fortress. Here is a very helpful article that can help you begin this conversation and answer some of these questions:

We also have created two new Spotify playlists for Exchange during these often isolating days. Be sure to surround yourself with the hope of the gospel and sing it out!

Remembered by the Good Shepherd

Jesus claims in John 10, “I am the good Shepherd.” He is good, unlike the hired hands who care nothing for the sheep. This good Shepherd gives his life for the sheep and leaves the ninety-nine to go after the single lost sheep (Luke 15:4). He remembers each sheep and knows when one is beginning to wander off. He carries them in their weaknesses, their vulnerabilities, and their wander hearts. Yet he does not despise them for it. 

God shows grace to us over and over as the sheep who forget to follow his voice. We so quickly forget that we are in great need of the Shepherd. Remember today that in the Kingdom of God the needy and the lowly are not despised. His Kingdom is a place where the sheep are lifted up and carried by their kindly king. In this Kingdom, the prideful and haughty are brought low and humbled. The “hired hands” have no personal investment in the well-being of the sheep and only look out for themselves. But Jesus invested everything in his flock, even becoming like them to rescue them. He alone is both the Substitute Lamb and the Good Shepherd. In this upside-down Kingdom, the mighty God humbles himself and “tends his flock like a shepherd.” According to the prophet Isaiah (40:11), “He will gather the lambs in his arms, carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.” 

Charles Spurgeon says, “Jesus, the good shepherd, will not travel at such a rate as to overdrive the lambs. He has tender consideration for the poor and needy. Kings usually look to the interests of the great and the rich, but in the kingdom of our Great Shepherd he cares most for the poor…The weaklings and the sickly of the flock are the special objects of the Savior’s care…You think, dear heart, that you are forgotten, because of your nothingness and weakness and poverty.  This is the very reason you are remembered.”

You are remembered. You are seen and carried by the Great Shepherd. Let us say, then, with confidence: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want” (Psalm 23:1).

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