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This Week: Coronavirus Update // Human Coalition: 4000 Steps // Jesus is the Door // This Week @ Exchange

Coronavirus Updates – Livestream this Sunday

Thanks for being flexible as we navigate this season at Exchange. Obviously there are many answers we do not have at this point. What we do know is that we are canceling our services at RES for the rest of March. We will live-stream on the Exchange Church Facebook Page on March 22 and 29 much like we did Sunday. Beyond that, we simply do not know yet. Here’s what you need to know right now:

  • March 22: Worship at RES cancelled. We will live-stream.
  • March 29: Worship at RES & Food Trucks cancelled. We will live-stream.
  • March 27–29: EC Students Weekender is postponed until further notice. Tyler will communicate details to parents and leaders.
  • April 3–5: Women’s Retreat is postponed. The team hopes to put something together for the Fall, even if it looks different than a spring retreat. Stay tuned…
  • Small Groups: Groups are cancelled through the end of March. Your group leaders will be communicating with you.

It might be tempting to skip the live-stream or just watch it later. But we encourage you to form healthy patterns now as a family to gather together, pray before the service, and join us in real time.

In case you missed it, here is Exchange’s initial Coronavirus update:

Human Coalition/4000 Steps

Sunday we introduced our annual One Offering beginning April 19th. Every dollar given to this offering goes to support international missions, North American church planting, and local ministry efforts. Sunday we highlighted the local ministry, called Human Coalition, which assists women and families dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

We heard from Nancy, whose life was transformed by the ministry. If you missed it, click here for Sunday’s live-stream service and go to minute 15 to hear her story.

Wanting to get more involved with Human Coalition? Here are some ways to do so:

  • Pray for the ministry of Human Coalition and the 4000 steps fundraising event as well as for the mothers, children and families impacted by this ministry. Pray that these women choose life.
  • Give at to support this ministry or to join a fundraising team.
    • These funds pay the salaries for Human Coalition personnel, provide ultrasounds, and help expectant mothers directly who might be struggling to buy food or pay bills.
  • Go to the 4000 Steps Experience on April 25th at Imago Dei Church in north Raleigh. You can also volunteer at the event with set up/tear down, run game stations for kids, or fill other needs.

Jesus is the Door

Don’t miss the beauty and purpose of this Journey of the Cross. Each week, the call to prayer from Psalms is intentionally tied to an “I Am” statement of Jesus in the gospel of John.

We opened this week with Psalm 24. In it, the people travel to the house of God to worship. They ask, “Who can ascend the mountain of the Lord?” and “Who is it that can enter the door and stand in his presence?” Verse 3 answers: it is those with clean hands and pure hearts—those whose actions and intentions are true. Are any of us truly able to stand before God and his holiness? It would be easy to fall into despair as the only proper response is an obvious “No.” The Psalmist continues, however, calling for the doors to be opened. Someone is able to enter that holy place—the King is able.

In the Old Testament, believers approached God by going to the house of God. But after Christ came, he made a way for us to approach God through him.

Jesus ascended the hill to die for our unclean hands and impure hearts. In doing this, he walked through the door to God. He claims to be the one (“I AM the Door”) through which we have access to God. Because of the great exchange of his death for our life, we are able to enter into the presence of a holy God. This is good news!

Jesus ascended to the throne of heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. We can now have clean hands and pure hearts as we believe the promise, “Jesus died in my place.” Charles Spurgeon encourages us: “Look then to Christ, who has already climbed the holy hill. He has entered as the forerunner of those who trust him. Follow in his footsteps, and repose upon his merit. He rides triumphantly into heaven, and you shall ride there too if you trust him.”

  • Prayer Focus: Journey of the Cross // I AM the Good Shepherd; EC Student Ministry
  • Worship Songs: Click here for the playlist
  • Sermon Text: Genesis 33 <<< click to read or listen to the passage!