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This Week: Women’s Retreat // Journey of the Cross // Pray for Marriage Getaway // This Week @ Exchange

Find Space at the Women’s Retreat

We all need space. Space to breathe, to think, and to pray. We need space to connect with God through the nourishment of his Word. We need space to feel loved, encouraged and supported by fellow believers. The Exchange Women’s retreat (April 3–5) is one way we hope you can find space for all of these things and find rest for your soul (Matt. 11:28).

Life in this world is sometimes just messy, frustrating, and difficult. We believe that God’s Word clearly speaks to our trials. Jesus tells us that he does not take us out of the world but gives us the ability to endure whatever comes our way. He gives his peace and his presence to steady our hearts during tough times. During the Women’s Retreat, we will spend time in John 14–16 seeing that Jesus reassures all believers that he has overcome this world. Therefore, we can “take heart” (John 16:33) and learn to be courageous, steadfast followers of Jesus in the face of difficulty and suffering. 

We hope you’ll join us April 3–5. Sign up here > > >

Husbands: We invite you to help make this retreat a refreshing time for your wives. This is an incredible opportunity to serve your wife and your whole family. Please encourage them to take this time away by doing all that you can to make this possible.

Continue the Journey of the Cross

Easter is more than a day. It is a season to establish a routine that is ordered according to the story of redemption. Just as Jesus “sets his face to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51) to suffer and die for the world, we become more like him by denying ourselves, taking up our own cross, and following after Him.

The Journey of the Cross, our Easter devotional guide, helps us walk this journey together as a church. We invite you to continue to read Scripture, pray, fast, and repent during this special time. Join with us as we prepare our hearts to feast and celebrate each week in light of the resurrection.

If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late. Use the digital guide linked below or pick up a hardcopy on Sunday.

Remember to join us for corporate prayer at 9:20AM. We will reflect each Sunday through Easter on this Journey of the Cross.

Pray for Marriage Getaway

Fifteen couples from Exchange are spending time this weekend in Wilmington, NC. We invite you to pray for these couples as well as all of the marriages at Exchange.

Specifically, pray for:

  • Rick & Beth McKoy and Ed & Katie Martin as they lead,
  • The health of each family and their caretakers,
  • The Holy Spirit to move, teach, and encourage, 
  • Open hearts to hear from the Lord and submit to him,
  • A vision for the joy found in Spiritual Oneness among each couple.